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Quote: Originally Posted by ryancrutchfi View Post
Game booster on...check.
Anti-virus set to silent gaming mode....check.
Firewall set to allow...check
Drink ready to go...check.
Pizza ordered and on the way..check.
Rear-end puckered and teeth clenched in anticipation of first crash of the day...unfortunately check
Stress relief ball getting label worn off due to over usage after second crash .....check...again.
Logging back on after third crash to a dead character and finding new words in the thesaurus as cuss word abbreviations ...check
Hearing the worlds smallest violin play as the fourth crash happens... just plain annoying.

I am not asking for much but can you please fix the connections issues. As much as I like spending money, I really hate wasting it.
any idea how to avg internet security 2012 into gaming mode as that is the only thing I will not let gamebooster go near on my system
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