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Ok here's my suggestions for running an MMO, they will PO some folks..sorry in advance, but from frequenting the CS boards in a number of games from opening day thru several months here's my suggestions:

Well for most MMO's and thus SWTOR these days...

You need 3.0+ gig on your cores, not 8 cores 2.2, or 6 at 2.6, or 4 at 2.8, you need a base of 3gig on 2 at least.

You need a separate graphic card, no on-board graphics.. 260GTX+ of nvidia products(ATI/AMD does not play well with SWTOR for some reason on a significant number of computers, yell at BW not me AMD users).

And the vast majority of laptops/all-in-ones will not play the game well.

SLI and Cross-fire don't play well for some(pull the second card, turning it off seems not to work for some).

WIN7 64 is the way to run, 32 will not cut it for a significant number of peeps, the primary reason being need for over 4GBs of ram(8GBs seems to be sweet spot).

The above is relevant to a significant percent of the players.. not all but a significant percent.

Again there are some guys with "golden" rigs that violate the above... but again for a significant number, if you follow the above golden rules, you will be as golden as I can help you with.
we all have that are problem is the memory leak that 1.4 seems to have caused that crashes are game aftera few hours
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