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my sith warrior:

jarick and his twin brother jarich,sons of a smuggler called biddan and a zabrak bounty hunter called rohara were born both on their mother's ship after biddan abbandoned rohara;their force sensitivity was so strong that after a few years their mother noticed it and wanted them to join the jedi order,but something went wrong because only jarich managed to reach the order,jarick was kidnapped by imperial forces during the travel.
Led to believe trough brain washing techniques that he was born and raised on dromund kaas jarick started his training,but somehow a little part of his old self survived,he remained loyal to the principles his mother taught him when he was just a little child,mercy,fairness and self sacrifice,remaining true to this principles he continued his training and joined the sith accademy hoping to change the empire from within,but sadly he will never remember who his true family was.

name:jarick caesar
hair color:none
romance:vette,she reminds him of someone very familiar,but he can't understand who
relationships:very close to his apprentice,jaesa willsam
goals:reforming the empire into a society of tolerance and equal rights
eye color:green
height:1.80 m
weight:75 kg
age:7 (kidnapped by the empire) 10 (training in the empire) 24 (sith accademy) 26(current)
distinguishing marks:a special light side ability used to protect his allies against the dark side

self sacrifice

senseless slaughter
the dark side
stupid thinking
hurting people

fun facts:
he likes getting paid but he never asks
his favourite lightsaber color is green but he uses a red black lightsaber
his favourite gifts are underworld goods

a picture of him:

(btw nice stories!)
The Red Eclipse

Caesar Legacy
Legacy lvl 50