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Exactly this. Everyone knows that Katarn could wipe Caedus out any day of the week. Remember, there is NO Sith Order. Just a list of Sith that Kyle allows to live....for now.
Sorry but no, Caedus is above Kyle Katarn, anyone who could face Grand Master Luke and not look like an idiot automatically trumps 99% of people, including Katarn, Caedus was quite literally Vader without a suit, he was growing so powerful that even though Luke knew he'd beat him, he also knew that if he left him to garner strength and continue down the Dark path, things might not be so lopsided eventually.

Please don't underestimate Caedus and that goes for anybody, he knew things Katarn couldn't even grasp, it's that simple, the Jedi Order itself, including the High Council stated that the only Jedi they believed could face Caedus at all, was Luke.

And yes before anybody brings it up, I know Caedus acknowledged Kyle's power, but the Jedi Order also recognised he was above all but their Grand Master.