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My Bounty Hunter:

Chernan was born on Mandalore before the Great Galactic War started. Since he was too young to go to war at the time, he remained on Mandalore with his mother and sister. When he turned sixteen, he married a girl in his village. The two had a child - a son - and purchased their own ship. Just before the Cold War started, Chernan adopted a street urchin, a Mirialan. When the Cold War began, he sent his children to Coruscant. His human son, at the age of eighteen, joined the Republic army, but the adopted Mirialan son went back to his roots, becoming a freelance smuggler.

Chernan followed the Mandalorian code, fighting for the Empire, but he greatly disliked it, believing Mandalore the Vindicated had made a mistake in joining the Sith. However, he refused to join Jicoln Cadera's mad rebellion, believing it to be dishonorable. He figured when the Sith revealed their true colors, Mandalore would make the right choice and seccede from the Empire.

Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Hair style: Cut in even rows
Identifying marks: Dragon tattoo on his right cheek
Blemishes: Burn scar on his left cheek
Body size: standard

All things Mandalorian
The Republic
Doing honorable acts
Respecting tradition

Sith and the Empire
The Force
Dishonorable acts
Cold-blooded murder

I'll do my trooper and smuggler, his kids, later.