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10.13.2012 , 09:42 AM | #1
For some reason lately. i've been having trouble connecting to the server..

I usually have to try 5-10 times, and sometimes even more, before it works.. Usually what happens is, i start the game, type in my password, and starts play. Then theres the loading screen, and suddenly i need to select server. Some times, i can join a different server, but most of the time, it has connection issues.. So i have to quit the game, and start over. This i have to do over and over again, before it works..

Now however, i cant connect at all.. I've tried to do this again and again for the last 20 minutes, without any luck.. I've followed all the things you suggest for connection issues, and restarted my pc, as well as the router and modems, and everything.. The server is online, and everything else seems to work just fine.. But i cant connect to the servers for some reason..