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10.13.2012 , 09:38 AM | #31
Yeah I ran Vengeance for quite awhile...Actually straight through the first Rage Fest before the Nerf I was Vengeance Spec. But at this point I really dont feel like completely Re-Itemizing all of my WH gear once again just to give Veng a try against one AC.

Honestly I think Im just Tired of Jugg period. Playstyle for all specs is pretty stale for me....Think its just time to move on from the AC. Have a few Alts in the 20's to 30's Maybe its time to focus on one of them full time I really dont need gear on my Jugg anymore so its no loss on the Hamster wheel.

I noticed Im not putting as much into the AC anymore...Just kinda autopilot...And that just wont do
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