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Like my earlier post. It's time to nerf Assassin. Force Shroud should either cost the Assassin 1/3 - 1/2 health when used or have it's CD increased to 3 min+ or both.

Not sure if serious .Less qq more pew pew.

I have over 1200 power on my shadow and smash spec juggs are the least of my problems. It has become so common that even a blind person can recognize the opener, procs and when the smash will come. Furthermore, I have duelled with a guildie of mine, smash guardian over 1300 power, to understand the weaknesses of my class better. A fully procced smash from my guildie is 5.4-5.7k on my shadow. This is probably amongst the highest smashes I have seen on my toon. In any case, i gave him a tip on how he can kill me and this involves him using force exhaustion while I am in stasis. At this point in the fight i may not have my resilience as I used to to prevent one of his smashes. I may even be forced to pop the breaker while this is happening because my hp is going down quite fast. Just a thought on how you can adapt your strategy. I learned this trick from my sentinel and i kill sorcs/shadows (expecially infiltration) after i pop zen i do cauterize and force stasis. This will lead to a 100 % kill on that person. Playing multiple classes really opens your eyes and helps you be pro-active not re-active.

The above suggestion may work and once you see that shadows are not immortal you will even make variations to that tactic. I have a lot of exit strategies even for the above and the beauty of PVP is how you counter my moves. The worst enemy for a shadow is the dot spec foe. I think juggs have a spec like that too. Your chances to kill a shadow increase dramatically if you play a dot class. You can dot us thru our immunity which is on 1 minute cooldown now not 45s. That makes a lot of difference. Keep us dotted and we will not cloak way like sentinels. The shadow has so many weaknesses but people are lazy to actually take the effort and ask for nerfs.