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Im a sage healer, and that is exactly my biggest problem in that fight. It is so much easier to heal if people just spread out a bit (staying in range for the AoE heal) and stand still. There is no need to run around as headless chickens.

As long as people stands still and makes sure to interrupt his headshot ability, the fight is actually not that bad.
I thought I was undergeared in a run last nite till I read this. This is exactly what our group was doing and we ended up wiping as I couldn't keep up with healing demand. Might have been a bit of both as the tank was going down really quickly. Funnily enough, did the same HM FP a few days earlier and that group knew the strategy of bringing the boss up top and using ints on the headshot - that was a walk in the park and used the same toon/gear as last nite.