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EDIT: Toned down everything. You missed my point entirely..again. I'll let you go back and see if you can get it. If you don't agree with my analogies then feel free to say so, but please quit telling me they are inappropriate.

They are neither irrelevant nor going against social mores or cultural taboos, so either English is not your cradle tongue and that was a word you were taught and favor, you don't understand the definition of the word and it's application or just use it to try and get a rise out of people.
What I was trying to say is that (in my opinion) the analogy that you gave is bad and does not fit this particular case. In the next sentence I further explained why I think that. So even if the choice of word in the first sentence was not the best I think the second sentence made it clear what I was trying to say.

And although the word "inappropriate" is usually used to describe moral improperness, its definition is wider and can be used to describe lack of general suitableness or fitting (to my knowledge at least).
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