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12.20.2011 , 02:14 AM | #42
Interesting how this fight leads to so many completely different experiences. Let me add mine.

We went in there yesterday. 27 sage healer (me), 27 shadow dps, 24 jedi tank, 23 trooper dps.

No deal, wiped twice without getting more than one of them down, then the shadow lost connection and was 651 in the queue.

I have no idea how the damage those 4 deal can be considered minimal, because I was forced to heal and shield (force armor) nearly constantly to keep my guys standing.

In the end, it was most likely lack of dps that killed us. Healing was tough but doable, however they simply did not go down fast enough.

Ok, sure, it being our first try, some things can be improved the next time around (positioning primarily, so that the warrior does not jump around like crazy), but the ease with which some say to have done this - in their low 20s even, on their first run, no wipes - boggles my mind.

It's as if we are talking about completely different fights. In comparison, the first boss fight was a bit hectic but no big deal.