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The main problem seems to be the Rakghouls.
And while I can see how they might be a problem for repaircrews and settlers, I can't se why they are portraied as a viable threat to trained and fully equiped combat troops.
I'm not talking game mechanics, but storywise.
I mean, they're just animals with teeth and claws, mkay?

Shouldn't be too hard to prune them back.
Most of them seem to hang out in the open. Why not just hop into a skimmer, hover four meter above ground and 'happy target practice'?
Pay twenty bucks for each Rakghoul and you'll even find volounteers to do the job for you. That way it's cheaper than to send in the republic's troops.
I think we'll find enough examples on earth to show that excessive hunting can drive a species to extinction.

Or use droids.
Again, claws and teeth.
Duranium armour and a repulsor in stead of legs. Make weapon arms too bulky for a Rak's jaw to gripp (like a dog who can't pic up a ball bacause of it's diameter), and your droid is all but invulnerable.
Strapp a heavy blaster, a flamethrower and some incindiary/thermobaric granades to it, and send it on it's way to clear out the Rak's hideouts.

Or use chemical agents.
Most Rakghouls are mutated humans, right? Well, break out the sarin gas!
If native wildlive's biochemistry differs enough from human's, the local fauna shouldn't even be affected.
Understanding the scope of the problem is the first step on the path to true panic.

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