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10.13.2012 , 12:00 AM | #22
Technically healer sorc is in good place.
Full WH optimized with Power augs their bubble absorbs about 4000hp.

Assuming the sorc has typical WH hp ~19000
This mean to kill the sorc healer you have to burn thru
19000 + (19000*.35 for wz medpack) + (5500 for self heal auto crit with recklessness) + (4000 for the bubble)
That's over 35k damage you need to inflict to kill a sorc healer nowdays this is assuming the sorc healer is not smart enough to time the 17s debuff and rebubble once during the fight... which makes it almost 40k damage required to kill him.

Between their CCs/force speed/17 second rebubble timer Id say sorc/sage healer is in a good shape.
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