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10.12.2012 , 11:46 PM | #1
My quick browse didn't show a thread on this so I am posting. CS may try to hide this by pushing this post into Customer Service.

Basically what is happening is that PVP matches on at least 2/3 of the APAC servers are broken.

Dar'nala now crashes out when someone joins a pvp game as a solo.

Dalborra does the same, but also has an added bonus of locking down the toon in a phantom ops group (like the one used in pvp matches). What does this mean you ask? Ops groups no longer work properly for that toon. Anyone trying inviting that person will get "Invalid Character" added into their group which they can't kick. So this is now way beyond a PVP issue. Many Guilds now can't raid because of this bug. No one seems to have received a reply for all the tickets piled up for this issue. With APAC (as it can be seen on that other thread), "we hear nothing" seems to be the current CS policy for the region.

Also, pvp will still work as a group, but you end up in a empty game, and you can farm valor / comms for it.

Please do not discard this as merely a pvp issue. Pve is now seriously affected by its effects

Please post here if you have suffered the conditions stated above.

BTW: Pre-50s and Ranked pvp seems to be fine for now.

Updated: Added note that Ranked WZ still works.