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10.12.2012 , 11:35 PM | #38
If it gets to a point where lockboxes are the only way to get the items that everyone wants, then yes, this would be the absolute worst thing ever. However, as long as there are still in-game drops and straight up purchasable things equally as cool, then it's ok IMO. Let's say there's 1-3 items that come out per year, like some cool ship model or a iconic outfit design. Some people may want it, some people won't. But if they put ineally cool things that drop from completing Operations, or for completing timed runs, as well as being able to just pick out a cool pet and mount from the shop, then I won't care if someone wants to buy boxes for a chance at that crazy item. Keep the subscribers happy, let the f2p casual people get their super rare albino TaunTuan mount from a box if they have the money to burn. :/
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