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10.12.2012 , 11:14 PM | #12
Pretty common occurence and it will only get worse with Free-to-play. WOW people are rude and they've brought their rudeness here, it spreads like cancer. They are impatient, rude, condescending, petty, and vulgar. They will go out of their way to trash you as a player and a person, as well as, vote kick for frivolous reasons. Sadly, this is a growing trend in MMO's. MMO community now compaired to MMO community 10 years ago are so polarized its mind boggling, yet that one title "WoW" seems to be at the core of the growing problem. Nothing you can do about it either, except go play a single player game.

General chat on my server is full of bacon spouting, jawa movie title yelling, talking about getting high or drinking til they puke. Cursing is the norm and if you ask them to tone it down, they get their friends and spam you with tells or spout off even more in general.