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10.12.2012 , 10:40 PM | #25
Be aggressive would be my advice - if you can put him under pressure he might make a mistake or two which is the only chance in hell you have of beating any of the specs. Deceptions survivability revolves around you being cc'd and you dont have the tools to kite or extend the fight - trying is just playing into his hands really.
Just tunnel damage into him, even if its just slashes he'll drop fast and he might panic and do something stupid.

Madness will have no issue with a long fight their dots will give them a fair bit of healing over time and they have a lot of range attacks, they can deadzone you all day if they want to. If he gets a mind crush up with the other dots then you'll just melt really and the fight is more or less over.

Both rely on melee attacks to proc their hard hitters so use saber ward after the first shock for deception and as soon as they move into melee range with madness.