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It would be interesting to know what will make Nightmatre Mode fun or enjoyable.

The insentive seams to some sort of impossible setting that any mistake will be punished and we will have to watch more Utube videos of new mechanics as if there are any mistakes by anoyone in the raid will result in a wipe.

I would rather nightmare mode was such because the lockout happens if you wipe. So it requires keeping the ops group to work together and keep everyone alive rather than wipes becoming the norm as one person makes a mistake or bizare mechanics having be practised and worked out.

Just making it harder and more unforgiving does little to stop avoid skipping trash mobs or make NiM better to play.
Wait, you want guilds to be locked out from the Operation if they wipe? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. There is absolutely no friggin way in hell that anyone would complete an Operation if they were locked out after a single wipe. The point of Operations having mechanics that need to be learned through wiping is so that everyone in the Operation works together and doesn't mess up. Forcing people to wait until reset the following week would do very little towards making people work together; in fact, if they did that I'm positive that the person that messed up would be /gkicked and flamed. Also, if there was no mechanics to learn then the Operation wouldn't be fun at all.