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so it is true swtor is joining sto in the lockbox debate? some investigation's have already started regarding the issue of this grey area of gambling. wouldn't swtor be shooting itself in the foot?
the amount of bad press and general nasty taste of sto should of been enough to put them off surely?

going f2p so soon from going retail is already a sign of a major flop, but going down the lockbox road is surely just to take advantage of short term playability with a mindset of "rob them quick before they leave"

what happened to the mindset of "give them content and they won't want to leave" ?
I will never ever pay for a box with no way to see exactly whats inside first. Its one thing to have a mystery box at the end of an OP in addition to what you get normally. But to pay cash of my credit card for it? NO WAY in heck.
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