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Quote: Originally Posted by Lord_Ravenhurst View Post
Letīs see what the ESRB and parents will say about this.
Yes, let's see.

Have you called them to file a protest?

Have you even notified your local governmental officiials that you suspect that that EA/Bioware is conspiring to launch an online gambling scheme?

Quote: Originally Posted by Mdgshorty View Post
Offer the bags or boxes in the cartel store rather than putting them in game as drop is what I hope they do if they bring them in with f2p.
I believe that I saw that this was what they were going to do; Put lockboxes in the Cartel shop that might contain a unique/super-rare gear appearance, or might contain some more common stuff.
But just because they do the one does not mean that they might not do the other (have locked boxes drop and sell keys).

If they do put the locked box drops in-game, though, then that's just stuff that I will put on the GTN.

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