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If we end up with lock boxes or bags, I hope SWTOR is watching what works and what does not. I am one of the people that complained about the lock boxes in STO and how much I hate them. Every time there is a new set of boxes, though I will try but I will not spend real world money. I buy the keys off the exchange there. I don't keep trying. I limit myself.

When they first started, the stuff in there was crappy, but they have learned and started putting stuff in there that people need or wanted in addition to a chance at a ship. The last two sets they have stuff in there that most people want and I have not seen the drops as bad as they used to be too.

I really hope though that SWTOR does not go this direction. Offer the bags or boxes in the cartel store rather than putting them in game as drop is what I hope they do if they bring them in with f2p.
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