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10.12.2012 , 05:12 PM | #142
This is info for Elitist Isolationists on the US server The Harbinger.

I didn't bother with screenshots of UTC/GMT so if you don't count this it makes no difference to me but I figured I would post to represent our server and make your list a bit more accurate. The screenshots are from our kill videos and the times shown in the videos and screenshots are PDT. Additionally you can check our homepage or our server's progression thread to verify dates.

The Writhing Horror: September 27, 3:12am UTC/GMT (September 26, 8:12pm PDT)
Screenshot - Video

Dread Guard Commanders: September 28, 4:45am UTC/GMT (September 27, 9:45pm PDT)
Screenshot - Video

Operator IX: October 3, 4:48am UTC/GMT (October 2, 9:48pm PDT)
Screenshot - Video

Kephess the Undying: October 4, 3:54am UTC/GMT (October 3, 8:54pm PDT)
Screenshot - Video
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