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10.12.2012 , 04:52 PM | #16
Adding to my posts, in light of some points that have been brought up by others.

First off, never ever ever EVER use your cc breaker on the knockdown. The knockdown is only 2 seconds, and even though its a painful 2 seconds, your best option is to man up and eat it. Otherwise, you have to eat the 4 sec stun, during which we can unload even more than we can during the 2 sec. The optimal choice is to just eat every stun until you are white barred, then use it, and be immune for the rest for the fight. If they haven't killed you by then, then you should win because they are a terrible assassin player.

The reason you want to save the cc breaker as long as you can, is for their out of combat sap. The thing that makes assassins almost invincible in 1v1s, is the ability to vanish, sap you, and then use the out of combat channeled heal for 8 secs, and be full health again. Then they have virtually no trouble finishing you off, because you will be hurting from the first engagement, while they come in almost brand new. If you have gotten them down to the point where they have to use that trick, you can probably beat them, IF they do not get to heal back up. So do not let them do that.

It is true that vengeance will fare better than rage. If we open on you, use push, then leap in order to get your cc immunity for 4 seconds. White damage is not affected by force shroud either, but your burns still will be. We do have deflection as a white damage DCD, but it is only 50%, equivalent to Saber Ward.

Assassins and operatives are the kings of ambushing and quickly destroying you, that's what the class is designed to do. So the longer you can survive, the better your chances get.