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10.12.2012 , 04:18 PM | #15
There's a lot of interesting discussions in this thread about the merits/weakenesses/strengths of the various tanking classes, but as to your original question there is absolutely no doubt that PT/VG is much, much easier to play. The other two tanking classes are far more hectic, require the juggling of far more abilities, and the skill barrier for entry for top end content is much higher for Shadows/Assassins/Juggs/Guardians. For certain Juggernaut/Guardian builds, on top of the myriad abilities and cooldowns to keep an eye on, resource management is an utter pain.

PT/Vanguards have very high baseline mitigation/armor, a couple of easy to maintain/spam debuffs to keep track of, a very easy to monitor resource, and two straight-forward cooldowns.