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10.12.2012 , 03:27 PM | #6
EDIT: The post above me says exactly what I'm thinking, minus typos and totally worn out mind that may lead to some sentences not making much sense :P

Well firstly sins can get 60-70% dmg reduction to your smashy smashy. But I gather that isn't your problem with them as you were focusing on their ability to interupt/resists/cc you a lot? Well yea I guess it's just the amount of tools we get. Low Slash, Spike, Stun, that's 3 I use a lot. out of combat mez, but that couldn't have affected your duels.

Also have to point out that smashy-smashies are my prime target as they're just so squishy too. Been loving the assassin with 1.4 love.

You mentioned dotted and kited? Madness assassins are rare, played it a few times and had great fun but lacked the spike potential.

Smash specs counter is normally just ti pure out-DPS I imagine? Just can't be done against an assassin really :/