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There was a time when I was on my Pub, I queued up for an Esseles run, time for queue pop was so long, I forgot I was queued for it. I started a tub of water for my daughter to take a bath, then had her jump in the tub. I got back to my computer right when the queue popped.

Once it popped, I accepted, went inside, and told everyone on the team that I would have to afk about half way through the run for about 5 minutes, and asked if anyone had an issue with it and explained that if they did, I would be happy to drop so they could find a replacement...nobody said a word.

Half way through, after a boss fight, I let them know it was time for me to afk...again, nobody said a word. So I got up, told my daughter to jump out of the tub, grabbed a towel, dried her off and told her to jump in her PJ's.

I come back to the PC, not even 3 minutes later (instead of the predicted 5 minutes) I sit down, and type, "Back...sorry, had to get daughter out of the tub" and hit ENTER. I look at the screen to find I was vote kicked and a timer ticking away.

After being kicked, I sent a whisper to the person who initiated the kick explaining to him that what he had done was uncalled for, especially since I let them know ahead of time. His response, "I don't care."

I placed him and everyone else that was on that team on ignore. What really ticked me off, is I did not even need gear out of there...I just wanted the social points.

Another scenario happened when I joined a Story Mode Eternity Vault run on my main, Wraiven. We downed the first boss no problem. Time comes to roll, I pass or greed on everything except for the Biometric Crystals.

The leader of the operations says to me, "You roll greed on mats..."

That kind of caught me by surprise because in past experience, any time I have been on a PUG, if I rolled greed, somebody always rolls need and I end up losing out. Not to mention, I did not need anything in that except the mats. So I said to him, "Since when?"

His reply, "Since always you douche."

Well, lets just say that turned ugly real fast. I don't take kindly to being called names. I hold a certain respect level to all players, but when they start the name calling crap, all morality goes out the window.

So next thing I know, I am being accused of waiting till everyone else rolled before rolling greed on the mats. So I scroll up to see if that was indeed how it looked, and guess what, I was the first person to roll on them. SO I ask them to scroll up and look for themselves and they refuse. They peg me with a stereotype and stick to it and refuse to be dignified about it. The guy I was in to it with even went so far as to convince one of his guild mates that my harsh words toward him, was directed at her. So now it totally gets out of hand.

Just complete trash...simple as that. In the end, I and my whole guild had to black list their guild from any of our raids or anything else we do, on top of putting the putts on ignore.

So yeah, you are going to find some real winners out there. Just got to place them on ignore and wash your hands of people like that.
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