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10.12.2012 , 03:06 PM | #19
Didn't they already state that the gambling boxes will NOT have any end game gear in it? I'm sure that the top level of gear that will be in the gambling boxes is the previous tier of gear. It's still good enough to get people playing more difficult content, but it will keep the hardcore crowd happy.

As many dev's at Bioware have stated, this game is NOT going pay 2 win. You will be allowed to purchase many vanity items and mid-tier gear from the cash shop, but you will not be allowed to purchase the latest and greatest from the cash shop. That makes me happy because my feeling is that people would just grind out the mid-tier gear in literally 2 or 3 days anyway. The only thing they're hurting by purchasing that mid-tier gear is their own wallet.

At the very most, I foresee people being able to twink out low level alts using the cash shop. But, even that is ok in my opinion because it will take the "grind" away from leveling and just allow you to enjoy the story.