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10.12.2012 , 02:39 PM | #17
So I did a warzone.. I had 5 full recruit in my group, which is fine for that matter.. The group was balanced in the sense of 4 dps, 2 tank and 2 healers. I had a good outlook on life! The problem tho.. Reps focused down our guys real fast, imp ran around hitting random stuff lolling about. I was laughing in the end to be honest, when the scoreboards came up.

Me (operative healer): 268k damage taken, 360k heals done
Other operative healer on our team: ~250k damage taken, ~320k heals done
Reps had one healer, a scoundrel: 47k damage taken, 230k healing done.

I mean, this isnt even about everyone focusing the same target. Its about people just focusing down the effin healer :< Bleh.

Also, Bleez, I blame you for putting me through this trauma :< I felt encouraged damnit!