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10.12.2012 , 02:34 PM | #4
Soljin... from my experience, assassins are a tough counter for many classes and probably the best 1v1 class in game. My opinion anyways but maybe it's because I have a hard time countering them as well. One of my guildies that I play with more than anyone else is a very good assassin. Palmsolo, you've probably seen him around. He's run almost every spec there is out there and does well with them all. We duel fairly often and with my marauder... annihilation is normally my best bet. Those duels go very back and forth but with rage spec... it normally doesn't end well for me. I think rage is just a lousy counter to an assassin.

Anyways... since we're same server and same faction. He'll most likely be on tonight and you can jump in our vent if you want. I'm sure he'd be willing to break down countering assassins of each spec. We could even make a dueling event out of it. It's been a while since I've rounded one up but the turnout is usually pretty good and makes for a good time.

Hit me up later if you want. I should be on tonight and he prolly will be too.


I'll most likely be on one of the first two.