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Not a Nerf call but a serious question.

Since 1.4 I have had a major issue countering Assasins/Mirror. I attribute this issue somewhat to the resolve change but not entirely. So maybe they have always had this potential...and I have not run into a good one since the Nerf of the Super self healing Tankasin.

Now What Im asking for is a straight up schooling here..I have not been able to come up with a counter on my own...So Im asking for help...and some smart remarks are fine as well.

Im Running a LOLDerpaSmash Jugg or whatever its called now...and have been for some time. I hold my own well enough but get stomped occasionally by a Well played AC of any type really. In the Den I usually Win the majority of my encounters with the occassional cloner trip. Jugg isnt tough to play we all know that.

Now I run into a Sin the other day that challenges me to a duel...I accept and of course end up on my face...i dont hit my Breaker fast enough and take serious dmg from the opening rotation...I then pop Saber Ward and go to work...Immune to my first Smash ...they blew their CD just before I hit the button (Just saw it coming)...I screamed first incase of KB etc....Now I have a DoT dropped on me and am getting kited...Start into my next rotation and die.

BTW Im full WH 20k HP 1250 Expertise etc...

Have run into this same encounter a few times and If I trinket fast and turn the tables I just eat a stun...and then my previous example occurs...Seems like they have an answer no matter what I do.

So in summary: Are there tips for turning this in my favor....I would love advice... You dont always know when they are around so its pretty hard to not start out on your face...and some of them seem to do some serious hurt in a very short time...and its hard to recover from. So Enlighten me.

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