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u can buy boxes with random things in them for real money, most gambling websites do that type of game. however they are controlled by law game odd's and age limits, and so far this game doesn't require age verification and it even saves card information, ideal for your child to run up a bill? ideal to expose them to the thrill of gambling? if like others say and nothing been decided, then now is the time to debate it.
I know a lot of parents dealing with this kind of thing in other games, even if it's not a "gambling" situation, you have to monitor your kids when it comes to micro transactions. That's being a parent and teaching your kids to be responsible. Again, since this is all speculation, it's hard to debate it. Maybe there will be an age verification/parental controls when this system gets put in place. There are things similar to this in GW2 also, but I've felt no motivation to pursue them. The boxes just sit in my bank.

This also reminds me of those machines where you pick up stuffed animals with a claw. Those machines are programmed to miss for so many times. So those machines are kind of gambling in a sense. Yet they are legal. :/
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