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I unfortunately didn't make the event on hoth, but was that a good location? Didn't that involve killing pve faction generals or something? I totally appreciate you organizing these, but perhaps we can find a more varied objective for the events other than the king of the hill style. Just my opinion. I'll see if I can find some other options in game if it would be something people would want
Yeah, Hoth was a bust. It's too hard to get people on par with any type of serious rule set, because most of the people who show, are random people who do not visit the forums, so they have no clue what the objective actually is. They are just there to PWN and that's pretty much it. Which is fine, I have adjusted the objectives to better accommodate these players.

Long story short, I am applying K.I.S.S. to the events and focusing more on providing locations that have decent control points, along with fair respawn locations that are not too close to one another...mainly to detour spawn camping.

Hoth was just a bad spot, and the rules were too complicated. The objective was to kill the other faction's General (A selected Tank that Healers were going to be focusing on healing to keep that Tank alive) and keep your own General alive while doing so. It turned in to a giant spawn camp instead and the event objective never really seen light of day.

So I learned a valuable lesson from that and apply it to any future Battle Ground.

By the way, Still looking for locations in this thread for a Fourth Battleground. I have a spot in mind that has been suggested to me that I am starting to lean toward, but I want to give others a chance to submit their location ideas before going through with it. Unfortunately not many ideas were suggested, so the choices as of right now are limited.
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