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That was Bioware EA, not the fans fault, they were aiming squarely at it.

A bigger mistake though was so completely copying WoW. The should have copied the best stuff from at least SWG and DAoC/WAR too.

It will - especially if all it tries to be is The Elder World of Scrollcraft Online.

That's just plain silly. If they'd got RvR right things would have been much better, if they'd not released early (SWTOR shouldn't have been released till 1.2) things would also have been better. Again neither of those things were the fans fault, it was down to Bioware EA and EA higher-ups.

They've already said class stories are on a way back burner because of this issue.

Except they copied all the bits from WoW that ARE about getting 1 or 2 characters Uber.

I dunno why myself, again some of SWG good points would have added to alting a great deal.
I agree with this 100% but id like to add a few things,

SWG had the best pet system of ANY game I have ever played, unfortunately they nerfed it beyond rediculous and finally removed it.They should have had the hindsight to know people loved creature handlers, tkms and all of the stuff that made the masses flock to wow.

they tried to go in a different direction with swtor? to most it looks like they tried to make a quick buck, Why did wow get so big in the first place? thats a simple answer, all the players who hated trials of atlantis, the nge and everything else EA was doing at the time migrated to wow because it came along at the right time when all those things were happening.It wasnt that great, however it was better than what was being done to the games we were playing.

Alot put alot of hope into this game being better than wow, but as I sit here typing I am constantly reminded by this sony vaio i7 I payed all that money for that sony,ea and any company affiliated with them only care about the $$$$. this sony I own has spent more time off than it has on.It was warrantied yet they refused to fix it, recalled yet they refused to honor that and the thing wont even run a EA game.its why I no longer buy sony PC's they are overhyped and overpriced JUNK.The same is apparant of their games.

I preorder 2 copys of warhammer online, I live in america.They sent me Euro versions of it.The pre order codes they promised came a full freaking month AFTER the game opened up.Thats the service you can expect.And like the many not discussed MMO's like matrix online, mco etc..this ones doomed by such practices too.
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