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10.12.2012 , 11:40 AM | #4
I would LOVE to be involved in this!
I just recently re-ground another Imp BH (my 3rd lvl 50 toon now) by practically doing nothing but pvp'ing....97% was pvp lol. I was talking to some people the other day, after thinking about it on my own and wanted to do something like this. I'm glad to see someone is already getting it going. Congrats for making the effort.

I'll send a mail out to the names mentioned, but you can find me on Terragson in the mean time. I think I may have some guild mates that would be up for this as well, I'll check with them tonight. I'm all for more pvp, grouping with other people for pvp, promoting a team effort in pvp, guilds working together more pvp.....and what ever leads to some pvp!
It'd be nice to see some people work together to create some open world pvp battles as well. There are some awesome places/planets for a few battles. Maybe once a week or something?

Hope to see you guys on Saturday.
Lets have some fun, and kick in some Rep teeth while we do it!


I am Terragson, with the guild Imperial Order, on The Bastion...and I approve this message.