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When looking at your gear, there are a few things that stand out - and most likely you have just picked up stuff that has dropped while you're leveling, which is totally understandable.

What I generally do while leveling through planet progressions is take planet comms as my reward - always (unless I get a really nice orange gear option). When you do this, you can use those comms to upgrade your orange gear from the comm modifications vendor (located near the crafting area on each planet).

The mods and enhancements cost 2 comms each, so those are the way to go. If you get the option of armorings, those are nice to get since they cost 7 comms each. I make my own armoring with my cybertech, but I always purchase mods and enhancements from the mod vendor.

as a marauder, you will want to have Might hilts, Might armorings etc. Higher STR than END stats. Then, you will want mainly power as your enhancement option, so usually the Rage enhancement works well (for your given level).

I would go with Power crystals for your lightsabers, the faster you kill stuff, the less damage you will take.

Crit and surge are nice, but wait until 50 to tweak those to get to your 35%/75% ranges, don't bother killing yourself over changing gear for those pre-50.

Also, let your companion get hate - unless you are using your healer (and sometimes even then). I generally attack a group first with my companion, then I jump in and clean up everything quickly.