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This sounds like fun. Here are mine:

Binjiro Burnstar (Jedi Guardian and my main): Eventually retires to a life of teaching at the Jedi Acadmy with his wife Kira. Fathers two sons with of which is born with out force senstivity and leaves to become a bounty hunter. He is killed when a ship transporting a group of new Padawans is attacked by the Empire. He manages to get them all to an escape pod before being struck down. Kira soon after retries completely from the Jedi way of life to raise their other son.

Zelma Burnstar ((A human/alien hybrid born with out eyes and Binjiro's sister..a Jedi Counsular)) : Becomes a member of the council and over sees part of her brother's youngest son's Jedi training. She passes away from old age.

Tyera ((my alien smuggler)): She gathers quite a large fortune for herself which she uses to buy a large amount of land where she settles down and raises a family. She starts running smuggling jobs later on, having grown a bit bored of a normal life. She is eventually killed in a cantaina fire fight.

Ka-l ((my Trooper and Tyera's brother)) After a glorious carrer in the Republic military he takes on a job as an instructor and eventually retires to live out the rest of his life in peace.


Tresee: ((Sith Warrior, Human)): Having never liked Sith politics and a follower of Revan, Tresee eventually becomes quite powerful and eventually moves herself away from the Sith and the Empire. She begins to take on and train her own apprentinces along with Vette and Jessa and her other crew memebers at her side. Her activites and defiance soon gain the wrong kind of attention from the Dark council, who send one of their most powerful Sith to take care of her. She is killed after an empic battle with the sith scorceror Arahan.

Arahan ((Sith Scorceror, Rakkitti)): He grows to become a very powerful Sith, enjoying his new role as a Darth in the Empire. After going on to become something of a legend having trained dozens of apprentinces, he is eventually struck down by one of his young acyoltes who desires Arahan's power.

Rafe Burnstar (( Human Bounty Hunter and son of Binjiro)): The oldest of Binjiro and Kira's sons, Rafe was born a non force sesitive. His anger over this eventually drives him to leave his parents and younger brother. After a year of romaning the galaxy he becomes a bounty hunter. Though Rafe hates the Empire he often finds himself working for them ...if only for the credits. He goes on to have many adventures with his crew mates. After the death of his father at the hands of the Empire while protecting a group of Padawans...Rafe begins to question the life that he has chosen. He then chooses to settle down with Makio and begin a family of his own, one of his children, a girl, is found to be force sensitive and when she is of age he takes her to the Jedi acdemy. In his later years he often visits his mother and his brother who's gone on to follow in their parent's footsteps. He and his children all attend the funerals of his mother and of his aunt Zelma. At some point later Rafe is killed when an old rivial comes to settle an old score.

Yoka-Ta (( Chiss Imperial Agent.)) : She goes on to become a highly ranked agent. While on a undercover mission her cover is blown and she is killed.