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10.12.2012 , 11:18 AM | #15
I haven't tried it since I posted but I saw some great ideas on how shadow/assasins can live with it.

Mainly I would say to use KW/DW as soon as it is off cooldown even if you have 3 stacks of HS and you are ready for TT. The healing you get from TT will probably be wasted without KW/DW. Other than that I find staggering deflection and battle readiness during the times you are taking big chucks of damage will help the healers get through it and one or both of those abilities will be cooled down and ready for the next phase. Beyond that pray to the gawds of chance.

Finally I would say that the mechanic is not exactly balanced. Shadows/assasins rely completely on KW/DW and this takes that away for periods of time that are too long. There is usually 2-3 basic attacks before each slam which pretty much guarantees KW/DW will not be up during a 5k+ attack. In this it almost seems intentional to challenge us a little more but goes a little too far. If I have to buy different relics, use them for half the fight, MAKE the other tank aggro the beginning of the next phase (heaven forbid they're another shadow/assasin), force cloak, and swap relics then the mechanic is not balanced (although it is a brilliant work around).
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