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My Sentinel refers to hers as Pinky (the green one) and Perky (the blue one). She claims the names came to her in a dream. Actually, she made them up to irritate Satele Shan.

"... Hi there! Sorry to interrupt, honey, I can see you're kind of busy here. *Nice* secret base, by the way- *love* what you've done with the place- and those slinky little battle droids you put on the door were ever such a friendly touch. Only had to do the *tiniest* little bit of percussive reprogramming on them. Oh- *sorry*, I'm rambling, beg your pardon, you're all standing around there with all those shiny guns, all impatient to get on with the 'shooting the intruder' bit and I won't shut up, it's terribly rude. I'm Beth. Well, Bethan January, I suppose, if you want to be formal about it... by the way, you doing anything later? I was thinking a nice candlelit supper, just you, me, and... well, actually, just me, since I'm not really supposed to date and anyway, you'll be a bit... detained- sorry again, getting ahead of myself. I just wanted to get introductions out of the way first... I suppose I should start with the glowstick girls here... This is Pinky, and this is Perky... and we're here to teach you the words of the week, which are "Surrender" and "Now."
lol that cracked me up. Thanks.