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10.12.2012 , 11:11 AM | #14
I honestly hadn't thought of this...but seems like fun. Though I doubt most Jedi would name their lightsabers because that can be seen as forming attachments. But then again my Jedi Guardian Binjiro..broke the rules by falling in love with and marrying I guess naming his lightsaber wouldn't be too big of a stretch for him lol. He'd most likely call his lightsaber Jade..because of its green color.

My Sith Warrior Tresee wouldn't name either of her lightsabers..she'd think that naming something like that would be very stupid.

Like wise my Sith Sorc probably wouldn't name his lightsaber either...seeing it as a childish thing to do.

My Jedi Shadow, though very devoted to the Jedi secretly something of a if she did name her lightsaber...she'd probably never admit it to anyone.