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To answer more specifically:

The game has a couple tiers of rolling. The lowest is greed. If everybody rolls greed, whoever got the highest number will win the item.

Need is highest priority; if even one person rolls need, every greed roll is ignored and that person gets the item. If more than one person rolls need, whichever one of them got the higher number gets the item.

Standard etiquette in SWTOR is that you may "Need" on an item if it is a direct upgrade for your PC in your role, full stop. Anything else is a "greed." Are you a tank and it's DPS gear? That's a greed roll. Are you a consular and it's good heavy armor for Qyzen? That's a greed roll. Are you a GTN mastermind who can sell it for a tidy profit? That's a greed roll.

Now, most people in PuGs won't necessarily notice or care if you roll for an item that *is* for your class but *isn't* for your particular spec. I've even seen operatives Need on sniper rifles or vanguards on assault cannons (probably an automatic reflex, "oh it's a gun for my main stat!") and nobody even comments. Still not good karma, though, so I wouldn't do it. You'll also run into guilds who have specific rules about rolling on crafting components or other items that either nobody or anybody could legitimately "need", but those should be explained by the raid leader at the beginning of the instance.

It's also good etiquette to Pass on stuff when you're a level 40 running through Esseles with a level 10, or similar. Nothing that drops there is of any use to you even terms of vendoring it for pocket change, so it's a little mean to rob it from a player that could actually get benefit from it.

One more thing you also might see is that when someone really wants a particular, specific drop, they'll intentionally pass on everything else and ask to win that one piece. If you get two commandos running together, for example, one as DPS and one as healer, they'll be competing for all the same loot, so they might agree to make things simple by having one of them give up a lot of potential incidental money (from selling all the random Greed loot along the way) in order to get a guarantee on one item (by Needing while the other commando Passes). Not everyone will agree to that, though, and it'll only happen in casual group finder-style play, not serious raiding.