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Post your favorite and most fun experiences in flashpoints!

A few days ago, I was rolling on my full-heal Sorcerer on Cademimu using the group finder. I got teamed up with a 2 level 27s and a level 34 (I was level 28). Shortly after our group set out, the level 34 dropped from the game and, while waiting for the group finder to find another, we decided to try out luck at 3-manning the flashpoint.

We got all the way to the end without a tank, using 1 healer (me), and 2 DPS's. We used a variety of tactics, but the most-used one was having one player pull the toughest enemy near a ledge, and me blasting it off with Overload, and CC'ed every chance we got. We beat the entire flashpoint 3 man while under-leveled for it, and we only lost one party member once due to a turret knocking him off of a ledge. It was the most intense, edge-of-your-seat fun flashpoint I've ever run, and I had a blast with it.