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10.12.2012 , 10:16 AM | #4
Well, I have method for increasing RE proc. I have 7 toons from range lv19 to lv42 and I have reverse engineered a lot of green items in to blue.
Apparently in game "random" generator is wheeling system and nothing else and "wheel" has it's reset timer.
I don't know exactly yet how long takes reset wheel but let's say you want RE something.
Craft 5 items, RE them, if you don't get proc, craft another 5 and forget about those items for several hours (3-4).
Log out from that char, just do something else. After 3-4 hours log on to that char again and try RE.
Mostly like you will get proc from first 3 items, this method is been working for me so many times.
Seems like entire wheeling system is bit sluggish, same goes with missions. If you start mission after wheel is been reset, first 2 missions mostly like have very high proc rate. Then wheel starts shifting again.
I just resubbed today, so I had not enough time test everything, servers vent "Kablah".

So here is the question for BW, could please we have truly random system with out any negative modifiers BS?
Your current system causing a lot of anger, I don't think so that you could afford loose more players.
Thing is, players who willing to RE something, they will, no matter how many failed attempts it takes but peoples who are "gifted" with patience are minority.
This game has wonderful crafting system, make it interesting for more than "few selected peoples", this "artificial hard mode" is pointless.