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Hi guys!

We are havin trouble with the Periodical-Damage-Mechanic! I hope someone of you can shed some light on it.
I never saw it mentioned in a guide anywhere,
but its what is making us big trouble on our first attemts yesterday.

As i see it, Operator lX is casting periodical damage on all players in the raid, that can get higher.
What we didn`t figure out is, why its getting higher in our raid, and in the killvids i see, they always get like 900, and later maybe 1,2-1,8k, while sometimes we get up to 2,4k in the purple phase!?
It`s definitly too much to heal through.

My guess is that its caused by corrupted A.I., or some other mechanic,
but i want to understand this completely!

Thx for any help!
The constant pulse (aoe) from the center is called corrupted A.I., and it's damage is increased each time your get green obtuse (the fail message). If you have failed more then twice it becomes rather impossible to heal through, while trying to heal through the normal raid damage.