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Well in reply to your first one i'll do my Vanguard
Stomvhal Skirrata is the son of an absentee Mandalorian father and a Republic Medic. Mandalorian was hurt during a hunt but actually showed some compassion on Onderon when a group of kids were about to be hit by errant blasterfire by the mark he was tracking. He threw himself infront of the blaster fire saving the kids but he was wounded in a few places. The republic medic oncall treated him and the two had a romance[ofcourse].

During this, ofcourse a child was born and the mother named him Stomvhal after a grandfather. Ofcourse the mando was told about his child and when the child became 8 the father tried to come back, mother flatly refused and and at the end of a VERY big blaster rifle told the father to take a hike. Stomvhal was raised to believe in the republic and also to have an inner strength of will. He enlisted at 18 and has been a trooper ever since.

For those of you who want a chart:
Name: Stomvhal Skirrata
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Partial Cyborg. During a tour in the outer rim, he took a grenade close range and it messed up his face. To reconstruct it, they had to put in cybernetics around his eyes. But flip side is, they put in a comm so he can recieve voice only com calls without the need for a helmet or reciever.
Planet of Origin: Fondor
Occupation: Republic 1st LT
Command: Commanding Officer Republic Special Operations Squad 214: Talon Squad [yes i picked Talon cause Talon is my callsign from another game ]
Hair color- Black
Hair length- Close Cropped
Eye color- Green
Body type- Built like a Linebacker
Weight- 230 lbs
Blemishes- Scar under his left eye and ofcourse the cybernetics on his face.
Tone of voice- Like the man stepped out of the recruiting poster or the Drill Field.

1. Disrespect
2. Cowardess
3. Sith in general
4. Lightsabers
5. Bad intel, nothing to ruin a troopers day when intel craps the bed and you're going into a gunfight blind.

1. Women
2. Courage[doesn't have to be under fire, but courage in all things]
3. Defense of beings that cannot defend themselves
4. His squad
5. His rifle and all things that make his job easier to accomplish

1. Married to another republic commando who commands another squad who couldn't be more unlike him if she tried. While he'll obey lawful orders and bring badguys in alive, she just straight up blows them away orders be damned.
2. Has met his father, and atleast he knows where he got his size from.
3. Has actually disobeyed orders before, got asked to shoot people who could of been the enemy but he didn't.
4. Friends with a smuggler of all people. Guy is a great source of intel, plus if his squad is out on a mission and need something in a hurry, his buddy Feyd can get it, and does it on cheap!

Overall he's a straight laced leader of men, but he does have his wild streak underneath it all. I mean look at his wife! A kill them all and let the force sort them out who almost flies in the face of most regs, but hey, she gets the job done!
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