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Saturday 10/20/2012, 9-11pm est.

On Saturday night Firestorm will be hosting the war on Ilum. Its going to be a simple concept. Go to the battlegrounds of Ilum and have a massive Republic vs. Imperial battle just like the old days. In the end it will be clear which side is victorious (hopefully republic). Last event I was apart of had 30v30 at best. I would like to see 100v100 this time. If the server crashes then lol to bioware.

I will be advertising all week on the republic fleet about this event, I hope some imperials will do the same, or risk being wiped by the awesomeness that is republic. I encourage any and all guild leaders to get in contact with me this week if you have any questions or suggestions. You can post here or hit up my guilds website.

Lets try and make this the Event of the year.

Firestorm will be hosting many more in the future so lets set the bar with this one.

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