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Okay, I'll keep getting into the group finder. I don't know if they were all in the same guild or not, but I did go back and put them on my ignore list. I was in a great group when I did False Emperor. They told me where to stand and how to ultimately beat him in the end. Hopefully I'll get good enough so I can then be the one helping out n00bs like myself. I do enjoy grouping up with folks who don't get upset that you're not that great at the game (yet) and are willing to show you the ropes.
If you are a dps player, I'd say this behavior can be considered more normal than if you were a tank or a healer. Just shrug it off, everyone makes a mistake at some point. That and everyone was new to FPs and these instances at some point as well.

Keep plugging away at it and disregard the people who bring you down. In the end, it's a game so deaths, mistakes, and lots of fun....are all inevitable.
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