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Quote: Originally Posted by Grondar View Post
Basic math says the chance of me not getting a schematic 30 times in a row is .8^30 = 0.123 percent.
0.123% is still thousands upon thousands of RE attempts since there have been millions done in the game.

And this is not an exception, it often takes 25 or more attempts to reverse engineer.
I doubt that, you're probably suffering from confirmation bias as so many others have. (It's natural, I'm not blaming you.) I've gone over 50 attempts for one item, which was my longest streak and has a 0.0014% chance. My best streak however is 7 in a row on the first attempt, which is a 0.0013% chance. You'll note that's less likely yet it still happened

BioWare has the stats and checks them, because they've fixed RE chance errors before based on them, so I wouldn't worry about it. Any one player's results aren't statistically meaningful.

Personally I think the chance should be lowered but made guaranteed after 5, so the overall average chance remains at 20% but the process is less frustrating, but that's a separate discussion.