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It isn't as bad as made out. I get the impression the OP hasn't run a lot of pugs Rep side to compare and contrast. The suck can be strong on either side.

One thing to remember is that you can get runs (embarrassing in the middle of a warzone, I know), where you just win every match, and that's without having the same premade synching with you or against you. Wednesday night my scrapper was in terrible Rep pug after terrible Rep pug, seven straight defeats until we finally got a win and I could log out. Then Thursday night we destroyed the Imps every time - without grand premades, that I recall - and I had to switch over to my Imp alt because I started to feel bad (and then won again on that side, though it was closer).

The point is that people can play a few games and convince themselves that what they experience is some unstoppable trend across all time and warzones. It isn't, it goes both ways. Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you. And sometimes the bear eats you seven times.

I'd say that in my experience, Imp side does tend to be more aggressive and less cooperative, which may be why Reps seem to organise more easily (thus winning slightly more, perhaps). However, that's just an average, and both sides have good players who can leave me in a bleeding heap.

A PS - I noticed in a similar recent post about terrible Imp side on Red Eclipse that OP was complaining Lord of the Drinks were destroying PvP on Red Eclipse by killing everyone easily. With respect to LotD, who are also good players from what I've seen, that hasn't been the case at least since server merge. I wonder if the OP has actually played much PvP in the month since merger to make the claims. I can't speak for how true they were before then.
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