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(Edited to put instructions and event info first)
After surveying Quesh for several days, on both the Imperial and Republic side, and seeing some growing interest I think I'll try organizing this event.

Day: Saturday, November 3rd
Time: 8:00pm EST
Where: Quesh (Meet at your respective faction bases)

The Battle of Quesh will be a simple battle of attack and defend. Each faction will elect a player to be their field commander. THE FIELD COMMANDER MUST STAY INSIDE OF THE TEAMS BASE! Each faction will need to divide into an offense and defense team. Victory occurs when the opposing teams Field Commander is killed.

Now, there are a couple of things to note about each base:
For the Imperials
- There are drastically more Level 50 champions roaming your base, so use the AI to your advantage

For the Republic
- There are roughly about 4-5 champions roaming around, and there are fewer places for your field commander to take refuge, leave good defenders behind.

This event will be for level 50's only, given the fact that the base is being protected by level 50 champions.

There are a couple of restrictions/guidelines I must lay down though:
1) As stated above, the field commander must stay inside of the base.
2) The field commander must have 1 tank guarding them (basically the bodyguard)
3) The field commander cannot be a healer. Given the fact that both sides have very impressive healers, it could possibly prolong the battle, not to mention it would make the tank more or less the primary target
4) Please be honest about when your field commander is slain. I'd prefer that we'd all follow the rules, and I can't enforce this.
5) Have fun

No matter what faction or what gear set you wear, feel free to answer the call and meet up next weekend. If you have any additional thoughts to this please feel free to leave a reply. I may or may not be looking in to prizes for guilds that participate (if I do, it will most likely be something that I can mass produce such as MK-6 kits for guilds, maybe...). As for solo players that participate, I may would look into a credit reward.

Throughout the week, I will be dropping in and out of general chat on both the Republic and Imperial fleet to get the word out, but feel free to let everyone know in general.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me in-game as well.

Good luck
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