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10.12.2012 , 08:28 AM | #5
Skipping mobs is very commonplace. Getting kicked for not knowing the zone is not (especially after letting the group know you are a new 50).

After a few weeks of running flashpoints the only item typically needed from a flashpoint is the Black Hole comms you get from doing the group finder daily quest. For this reason I skip as much as possible, although if I am grouped with an undergeared player I will ask if they want to do all the bosses.

I think most people do not mind helping a new 50 gear up and learn the zone. We ahve all been there.

My advice would be to keep doing the group finder, let the group know that you are a new 50 and do not know the zone. When you do get those bad groups just add the jerks to your ignore list so you won't be grouped with them again and shrug it off.